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MIGHTY Light X-Power 210

white XT-E super bright LED

Adaptor for Dog Scootering and Bikejoring

Special Flexible Adaptor great for Dog scootering and Bikejoring fitted below the handlebars allows you to hold correct direction of ride and safely run your dog. The move of your scooter is independent on the direction of your running dog. The adaptor keeps the leash away from the front wheel. If you wish to ride without the adaptor/dog you just need to unscrew 2 little screws on the side and remove the adaptor.


Adaptor for Bikejoring (for Klick Fix bracket)

The advantage of this bracket & adaptor is the ability to use handlebar’s bracket to attach another equipment such as a bag, shopping basket, etc. For more information see  KLICKfix adapters for handlebars and all aditional equipment.

Klick Fix bracket (Stem)

Handlebar adapter Caddy is a version of the KLICKfix handlebar adapter. For mounting on vertical tubes such as stems or seat posts. Suitable for foldable bikes, scooters, wheel chairs, golf caddys etc. Robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Fits all tube diameters O 22 - 36 mm.

Klick Fix (handlebars)

From bags to baskets to mapholders-all these accessories are easily "clicked" onto the handlebar adapter and just as easily removed by a simple press of the red button. Thanks to the patented security cable, the adapter does not lean downward even when carrying a heavy load. Extremely robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide.

Ski Line for 2 Dogs

6 1/2 ft long before stretching, about 8 1/2 ft long after stretching, made out of 1 inch wide tubular webbing with built-in bungee for each dog. Having a double bungee ensures good, evenly distributed pulling power and reduces tangles from dogs not pulling equally. Can also be used for canicross, bikejoring and dog trekking. One color only.

Bungee line 1 dog - dog scootering and bikejoring

2m long bungee line 2.7m when fully extended. On one end with bronse snap ring.



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